30 years of professionalism and success

Technocell AG, a company based in Switzerland, in Morbio Inferiore, was founded in 1983 thanks to an entrepreneur’s interest and presentiment about the future of emerging technologies for the masses. The company began trading in innovative consumer electronics (car radio, portable camcorders, cordless landlines). The initial strength of Technocell AG manifested itself through its ability to succeed in forging excellent relationships with foreign producers and local dealers. Thanks to its technical skills and knowledge of the distribution chain, in just a few years, Technocell became Sony’s main partner in the distribution of professional filming equipment throughout the Swiss territory.

The professionalism and credibility of the company have helped to broaden the range of products it is able to offer and to gain the confidence of new partners at a European level.

In conjunction with the explosion of the mobile phone market in the early 90s, Technocell became a distributor for Motorola products, first in the Swiss market then also at an international level, with excellent results.

The structure at Technocell stands out both for its ability to maintain excellent relationships during every business transaction, as well as for its international trading skills. In 2000, this product category, which continues to grow, began collaborating with Sony Ericsson, which gave further impetus to the company's domestic and international growth and boosted its brand awareness.

In 2008, Technocell acquired the distribution of Samsung mobile phone products. This strategic partnership allows the company to grow its commercial success even more through an intense collaboration with the Korean vendor as well as the know-how of its own internal structure.

Thanks to its financial stability and the confidence gained with its trading partners, Technocell has gradually improved its reputation and consolidated its position in the market.

In Switzerland, Technocell is currently working with all the Major Distributors, gaining a position of undisputable importance in the distribution of mobile telephony.